Dungree101: Styling 1 dungree in 6 waysβ˜‘:-

Hey everyone,

Denim dungrees are back in trend. They are the best choice for this season as denim can never go out of style and has class, grace of its own. They retain a sense of easy, relaxed cool. They are original and probably the safest and easiest option.

Denim will always look casual and laid back for this summer. There are always ways to add up some bit of it

But be careful to sport your dungree that right way or you might just look like a kid and we don’t want that rightβœ”.

Here I have styled my dungree in 6 different ways. I got this dungree from onlyindia here is the link (https://www.only.in/) ever since then I have been wearing these in so many different ways and you can get yourself a pair too from them as well as they have some really cool stuff.

1 Dungree 6 waysπŸ’—:-

Look 1🌸

Not in a mood for full dungree look. Make your outfit more summery by opting or pairing your T-shirt over your dungree and you are good for a day out with your friends. A really cool look yet stylish, pair up your T-shirt or any crop top or flowy ballon top over your dungree and they make you look so street style.

Look 2🌈

The second look is bit more sexy yet chic for me. You can always layer your dungree with pretty much everything here I have paired up my dungree with my kimono and this adds elegance and change the look. You guys probably saw this kimono in one of my previous blog. Pair your comfy sneakers with your dungree and it will work like charm.

Look 3🌻

This look gives me vacation vibes. Honestly I was bit skeptical about this look but I love how it turned out. This is the shrug that belongs to one of my old top and I have used it as a lay over and tied knot at the end. You can also use your old shrugs and adds extra dose of flirtiness in your look.

Look 4❄

This is the most comfy look and I think it suits any body type provided, go for a good fitting dungree. All you have to do is wear your dungree with spaghetti and as a later wear your shirt and you can keep it open and tie knot and do million of things it’s totally your call.

Look 5🌎

This look is basically inspired by the trend denim on denim. I saw so many blogger as well as YouTubers wearing this look so I thought why not with dungree. They have the real casual vibe and they are perfect for street style look. To make sure your outfit looks chic choose denim with overalls. Here I wore my denim shirt with dungree which looks perfect.

LoOk 6🌼

This is probably one of my favorite one. For a person like me who wants to use single piece of cloth in many ways can do this. So herevi wanted to use my dungree in a bit different way. I have paired up my dungree with one of my short shirt and tuck in the whole upper part to make it look like shorts.

Here the hack is to buy dungree one size bigger so that it can be tuck in.

Another way to wear your shirt is to wrap over your waist. Wrap waist was typically a part of entirely casual outfit and it still holds up today.

Hope you guys liked this blog, let me know down below which one you like the most.

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6 ways to flaunt in your basic shirt:-

Hey everyone.

For a man shirt is just single piece of cloth but for women it is literally 10 different outfits.

There are few wardrobe essentials and shirt is one of them as I am not very fond of wearing short clothes in summers. Otherwise I’d be hot lol!!!. I don’t want to boil myself in this scorching heat.

Also, a shirt can make you look really elegant and effortlessly stylish. You can pair up your shirt with pretty much everything. With trousers, jeans, pencil skirt, palazzo and what not. You can wear your shirt with sneakers, mulse, heels and go about tackling your weekend. And trust me u really can go wrong with shirt.

A casual shirt is perfect balance between too casual and too formal.

Look 1πŸ„:-

The off shoulder trend is on almost every rack in every store this season. And we are all for it. So for this look I have paired my shirt with my high waisted jeans and I dropped my shoulder from one side to make it look classes they are simple in appeal but trendy at the same time.

Look 2🌸:-

Okay, so this is one of my favorite look and I love how it turned out I wore my shirt normal tied up few buttons and made a knot at the end and this looks super trendy and it’s easy to wear it can literally make your outfit look super stylish.

Look 3πŸ’₯:-

For this look, I wanted to use my bottoms so for this I buttoned up my shirt took ends of my shirt and put them in the belt area in a cris-cross manner to make it look like bow.

LOok 4🌈:-

This is so chic look I feel like you can wear your shirt like this and literally went to a party. To create this look I have button up my shirt without sleeves on, take the sleeves and twisted them and then cris-crossed them around my waist and guess what I am ready for a partyπŸ˜‹.

Look 5🌺:-

Tucking in ur shirt looks so clean. But wait you wanna tuck in your whole shirt. Probably no so people who like twist like me can do this. I tuck in my shirt from one side and I am so ready for a hangout look.

Look 6🍁:-

This look is very basic yet very comfy and stylish. Whenever I don’t feel like dressing up and I am going for a casual outing or college or for shoots this look is perfect you can wear your shirt over your black spagedi and you are ready for a lazy day.

Hope you like it.

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7unique ways to style one kurti:-

Hey everyone,

Give me kurti and A couple of few things and i am sorted for A week atleast. So for today’s blog i styled my one of my favourite kurti in 7 different ways. Kurti is A go for most indian women because they are comfortable and versatile. Not just young and middle aged women it has become a staple for females of all age groups. And suddenly my mom is now competing with me and gloating around in her kurti collection. According to her I look decent in kurtis only(sarcastic ikr!!!). As much as I love wearing western clothes traditional clothes have special corner in my heart and kurti is one of them. We all own such kurti pieces which are super comfortable and yet very stylish. Kurtis are so in trend in fact they can never go out of style.

But remember how beautiful a kurta is if it’s not styled the right way and with appropriate bottoms. It can fall flat

Description of kurti:-

This kurti is under 200-500 and I got it from the local market. The kurti was super basic from the back and selves were 1/4.so i decided to do something and made some alterations done by my tailor aunty.

1-I explained her how I want my back to look like.

2-selves-they were plain I got this done which u guys can see in the picture.

7 ways one kurti:-

Look 1🌻

For this look I wore my kurti with basic denim jeans and to give this look some extra vibe I decided to pair this up with a duppatta. And wore some junk jewellery. These kinda jumkas add ultra elegance to one’s look.

Look 2🌸:-

This look is probably my favourite and this look is super cool for a college event or for some fest look. So for this I wore the same kurta with the same denim jeans but to give this look a super cool vibe I wore an denim jacket and pair of loops. This will make your outfit find absoluteness.

Look 3🌈:-

So for this I went for something which I love wearing and can wear with literally anything. I just paired up shrug over my kurti and I love how it is giving my kurti a whole different look altogether. Pairing your kurti with an kimono and shrug can do wonders.

Look 4🌼:-

This look is super stylish and honestly just good to go whenever I am running late and couldn’t find anything to wear with my kurti. I pair up my scraf over my kurti and guess what I am ready to go. Pairing up your kurti with your favorite scraf is easy peasy and yet very stylish.

Look 5πŸ„:-

This is so cool I swear. I have paired up the same dupatta but this time with an belt and tied it around my waist along with duppatta. This look will make you look super slim and even hide your curves. This look can be done in literally 10 seconds.

Look 6πŸ’₯:-

Again super basic but kurti with palazzo is so in trend and yet super comfortable. Wore the same kurti with palazzo and I am ready to beat the heat.

Look 7🌾:-

I wore the same kurti with one of my green leggings this kurti has polka dots of different colours so I decided to wear one of the colour which kurti has. And wore these leggings nd this look is basic but super comfy.

To add on I wore kholapuri sleeper with every single outfit. Completely comfy and so my style.

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Body shaming:My experience.

Do you know about body shaming? Have you heard about it ever? Have you read about it? No. So let me tell you about it it’s not something based on what I have heard or read it’s what I have gone through! Yes!!! gone through and who knows better about a situation then the one who has gone through it.

Body shaming has become a social norm all over the world and now what is body shaming it’s the act of criticising the body of a person based on their body type by making statement about their shape, size and this is something I have gone through. I get body shamed even before I knew what body shaming is. So it all started when I was in my 5th grade. I participated in my school play and my teacher told me to lose weight because according to her I was beautiful but not slim/fit enough to play mary’s role. And I couldn’t do that so she took another girl and that just broke my heart and after that I get bullied in my school, made fun of I started feeling dumb in front of others. I lost my confidence. I stopped taking participation in competition’s because I felt people would make fun of me, they will judge me.

My mom has always been my support system. I have always without even a grain of doubt relied on my mother I still remember her telling me that “Are to kya hua hum mote hai toh khaate peete ghr ke toh lagne chahiye na”.But when I was in my 10th grade I was around 88 kg’s puberty hit me very hard and there i lost myself I was a happy kid a year ago but just then my best friend ditched me and I remember that person calling me slut only and only because of my body shape or the way i looked. Suddenly my world get devastated i can still hear it through my ears. I remember people saying this to my face ” How much do you eat” “Do you eat a sack of ration everyday” I felt like dying or going somewhere wanted to be invisible. I used to pray every day “God if you’re there somewhere up or in the every grain of sand and water as I have been told and believe kindly make me slim.

A message to my 12 year oLd self;

Dear kajal, I know you are a mess right now. I know you have been bullied, made fun of. But other’s opinions don’t define you. You are very special to me. You are what you cannot even imagine right now. You have your dreams waiting for you Don’t let other ‘s opinion define you. I understand your hope and aspirations. You believe in creativity, being good to people, trying your best. You are hardworker, hustler. You think thinking positive can get you anything. You try to make changes in others life by your actions. Good things are in your way. Follow your heart, listen to your soul. I know you don’t love yourself enough but u gotta do. If people in your life right now doesn’t respect you don’t focus on them. Focus on your life, your dreams, you have your whole life ahead of you and you know I love you the most and you should love yourself too. Ok bye.